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By Brian Bestall published 2019


 Discover the beauty of drum rudiments and the numerous combinations that can be applied to the drum kit.

  • 96 pages with 100s of exercises illustrating how to play and apply drum rudiments to the whole kit, in 45 easy to follow lessons!
  •  Every exercise includes a sticking pattern to ensure you play the rudiment correctly
  •  Improve the flow of your playing around the kit
  •  Integrate rudiments into your everyday playing
  •  Suitable for beginner-intermediate players
  • Ideal for students working towards nationally recognised exams
  • Covers all rudiment requirements up to grade 8 and beyond
  • Ideal for teachers who want to introduce and explore drum rudiments with their students
  • Fun way to learn and apply drum rudiments into practical drum fills 

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Book Reviews


DRMRGRL   5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent 

Reviewed in the United States on 3 February 2020

Verified Purchase

In addition to including all forty rudiments, Bestall provides examples of HOW to apply rudiments to the Drumset. A complete and uncomplicated table of contents lets readers know what to expect. Excellent layout. Fairly new and current book. I am so glad that I have this in my library-this is exactly the type of rudiment book that I have been looking for.

Hello Brian,

I have to congratulate you on writing and producing such a clear book. From start to finish there’s no doubt about the nature of the exercises without the reader having to resort to lots of wordy explanations-the exercises themselves do the talking. Moreover, a beginner who’s learned 16th notes could start using the book, as well as intermediate and advanced students who want to brush up on their rudiments, practicing them around the drums. In effect, the book could be for drummers at any level. You have a definite talent for organising and presenting material in a clear and coherent way, so I’m sure you must be a terrific teacher. I wish you the best of luck in selling the book, and I look forward to your next offering.

Joel Rothman

American Joel Rothmans is the renowned author of over 100 drum and percussion method books.


5.0 out of 5 stars Makes rudiments fun for kit players!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 April 2019

I bought this book from Brian personally after a lesson (he’s a fantastic teacher by the way if you’re in the Sheffield area and can manage to grab him).
I don’t always get the time to practice as much as I’d want but have learnt that improving my rudiments WILL improve my playing. However running down the Vic Firth chart on my wall can be a bit tiresome. This book sheds a new light by making them fun and applicable to the whole kit. Lots of great ideas and plenty to build on. Each rudiment is given 2 pages, the left hand one for pad or snare and the right hand one for the whole kit. The exercises also contain other notes as well as the rudiments so it’s great for brushing up your reading skills and note values and avoid repetition of the same thing over and over.Only scratched the surface so far but looking forward to working through and would recommend it as something different for all drummers. 


5.0 out of 5 stars If you play drums you will find this invaluable

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Nicely presented tutor with clear hand notation. Only a very minor issue is the binding of the book, which isn't the best, however I am using this on a day to day basis to improve my rudiments. Very glad that I bought a copy.

Rockem Music Store UK


Check out this new book . Great for teachers to use or for those students who want some inspiration. Written by local pro drummer and teacher Brian Bestall (was a teacher at Rockem years ago!). In a nutshell the book applies drum rudiments around the kit. There's some really nice ideas in this book. We are local stockiest of this fabulous book.

Rockem Music


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8'' Billy Hyde Practice Pad 

offers a realistic feel, stick rebound, and stick response, allowing drummers to develop their drumming skills and techniques, wherever they are. The durable rubber design is both compact and lightweight, making it extremely easy to carry around with you. Shown here mounted on a cymbal stand.

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Buddy Rich  

One of a kind

by Pelle Berglund


A very informative account of the everyday life of drummer Buddy Rich. It covers his life from the earliest days of his childhood as a drummer and tap dancer in his parents Vaudeville act to his final days as the toughest band leader of all time. One thing never wavered throughout his career was the pursuit of perfection. An excellent read.

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Studio album by poet Genevieve Carver and her live band: Sarah Sharp, Tim Knowles and Brian Bestall. Featuring Ben Eckersley and Andrew Watson, produced by James Fosberry at Bigdog Studios. The Unsung is the funeral party for the forgotten fallen heroes who gave their life for music.   


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New Album of the month


The Universal Want

Doves announce their first new album in over a decade. “The Universal Want” will be released on September 20th. This follows the release of their new single entitled “Prisoners”.


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My Classic Album Choice

The Unforgettable Fire 

by U2

The Unforgettable Fire was the fourth studio album by U2. First released on 1 October 1984 by Island Records. Stand out tracks Pride (in the name of love) and Indian Summer Sky


 Here is a selection of recently taken photographs of me working with some amazing musicians and more importantly thoroughly nice people 

Image description

Recording the THE UNSUNG album

Image description

With my Chronology band mates

Image description

Adding some soothing strings to one of my compositions             on THE UNSUNG album

Image description

Taking a break during recording the new Sarah Sharp album

Image description

Introducing Foz the engineer

Image description

Playing with Alan Barnes at Higham Hall

Image description

My studio kit 

Image description

Last show at the Edinburgh Fringe with  Genevieve Carver and the Unsung plus our top hatted road manager

Image description

My set up for a gig at the Roundhouse in London

Image description

Relaxing after laying down my drum part

Image description

At Big Dog Studios in Sheffield 2020

Image description

Edinburgh Fringe Festival2019